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5/27/08 Table Rock Fishing Report

Kimberling City Area: The point bite has improved since last week as several post spawn fish have moved back off shore and begun to suspend on long gravel points. The typical drag baits continue to produce; Carolina rigged lizards and baby brush hogs, split shot rigged fries and fish doctors as well as Chomper Ultra Tubes and Jewel Spider or Football jigs. Best colors are no surprise either; green pumpkin and anything in the watermelon family will produce bites from 15’ – 35’ deep. The bite changes a little everyday depending on weather if it is windy or cloudy the fish will tend to be shallower and on sunny days they will hold on the deeper end of the range. The topwater bite has been very good during low light hours as well; Sammys, Spooks and Redfins are producing fish, look for surface activity to indicate where the fish are actively feeding.

James River: The spawn is pretty well over in the James River; while there are still several fish on beds it is not the most productive pattern on the upper end of the lake. Much like the mid-lake area drag bait are producing very well on pea gravel and mixed gravel / rock points close to spawning areas. Not every point is producing right now so if you catch a fish be sure to take your time and fish the area thoroughly before moving on as the fish are grouping up. The topwater bite is hot in the James as well; Spooks, Sammys and Redfins are all producing good fish early and late with as many blow ups as fish caught in most occasions. Watch for surface activity anywhere on the lake, the fish seem to be following the schools of shad off shore and feeding when something triggers them, they can be over 60’ of water in the main channel so have a topwater ready.

White River: The spawn is in full swing in the White River, fish are locked on beds from Baxter to around Big M and if you enjoy sight fishing it is prime time. Usual sight fishing baits will produce; Chompers Ultra Tubes, Jewel Eakins Jigs, Salty Sinkers and lizards will all result in bites. If you don’t care to “look at ‘em” dragging Carolina rigs and split shot rigs with lizards or fries will produce on points adjacent to spawning areas. Much like the rest of the lake the topwater action is in full swing, all of the usual suspects will produce when the fish are chasing bait. Note that several fish have been following Redfins and not taking them over the past couple of days, if you are throwing a Redfin make sure it is tuned correctly and swimming right to draw a strike, don’t waste your fishing time tuning the bait, do it before you head in not during the prime time.

Dam / Branson Area: The dam area has several fish on beds as well, just like the White River and Mid Lake area the usual sight fishing baits will produce. The topwater bite is not quite as ht and heavy in the dam area but several fish can be caught if the conditions are right so have a rod rigged and ready. Grubs are still producing fish on windy and cloudy days from 15’ – 25’ deep, some days the fish will be on the bottom and you will need to “scrub” the grub on others they are suspending and you will need to count the grub down to the fish in order to get bit. Several fish have been caught over the past few days on a drop shot rig, mostly Kentuckies out off of flat points from 25’ – 45’ deep, use your electronics to locate the fish and “work them over” and you will get bit.

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